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This course is comprised of short audios and recorded, live webinars sponsored by WorshipTraining.com. Each webinar is approximately one hour in length, and hosted by Dan Wilt who is often joined by various special guests. A variety of topics are covered relating to all aspects of worship leading and music ministry.

Course Outline:

Songwriting (Paul Baloche)  
The Journey Of A Songwriter: From Song Inspiration To Song Application (Andy Park)  
The Art Of Anchoring Our Songwriting In Truth (Brian Doerksen)  
The Fine Art Of Arranging A Band (Casey Corum)  
Handling Grief And Loss As A Creative Leader (Diane Thiel)  
Keeping Your Ego In Check (Tim Hughes)  
Hard Questions For Worship Leaders (Andy Park)  
Maintaining Family Life In Ministry (Kathryn Scott)  
The Exhaustion I See In Worship Leaders (David Ruis)  
DrumTalk: Communication Between Drummers And Worship Leaders (Calum Rees)  
The Place Of The Bass In The Band (Peter Davyduck)  
The Power Of Story To Heal (Paul Young)  
Women Who Lead Worship (Cindy Rethemeier)  
Creative Authenticity (Martin Smith – Delirious)  
Voicing Theology Through The Arts (Jeremy Begbie)  
Going The Distance As A Worship Leader (Andy Park)  
Technology And The Worship Leader (Kim Gentes)  
The 7 Roles Of A Highly Effective Worship Leader (Kelly Ballard)  
The Role Of The Creative In An Emerging World (David Ruis)  
Advent: The Season Of Expectation (Ryan Flanigan)  
Worship & The Earthquake In Christchurch (Paul Bennetts)  
The Implications Of Incarnation (Dr. Jeremy Begbie)  
How To Stream Your Worship Services Online (Kevin Weimer – WorshipStream)  
Two Brothers On Righteousness (Dan Wilt, Ed Gentry)  
Brick By Brick: Laying Foundations For A Life Of Spiritual Health (Dan Wilt)  
The Elemental Leader (Dan Wilt)  
Are You Living In Your Element? (Dan Wilt)  
The Arts Of New Creation: The Role Of Creativity And The Age To Come (Dan Wilt)  
The Creative Process: From Plowing To Giving (Dan Wilt)  
How To Arrange A Small Band (Dan Wilt)  
The Cycle Of Life: Worship Planning Through Lent, Easter & Pentecost (Dan Wilt)  
Lent: A Reflection On The Season (Dan Wilt)  
Easter: The Fire Of Resurrection (Dan Wilt)  
Advent Reflection: The Coming (Dan Wilt)  
Surprised By Christmas (Dan Wilt)  
Songwriting: Music As Meme (Dan Wilt)  
Worship Theology: The God Who Speaks (Dan Wilt)  
How To Lead Worship With Confidence (Dan Wilt)  
Team To Tribe: The Heart Values Of A Worship Community (Dan Wilt)  
Great Worship Sets: How To Build And Lead Them (Dan Wilt)  
How To Rehearse Intros & Outros (Dan Wilt)  
How To Cheer On Your Team Members (Dan Wilt)  
Holding Up The House: Why Values Matter In Local Church Worship (Dan Wilt)  
How To Lead A Great Worship Band Rehearsal (Dan Wilt)  
Developing A Plan For Your Personal Spiritual Renewal (Dan Wilt)  
What Is The Holy Spirit Saying To Worship Leaders This Year? (Dan Wilt)  
4 Secrets For Planning A Great Easter Worship Set (Dan Wilt)  
10 Fresh Ways To Empower Your Worship Team (Dan Wilt)  
Planning For Thanksgiving Worship (Dan Wilt)  
The Sound Of Your Life: Character And The Worship Leader (Dan Wilt)  
The Liminal Locus: The Power Of Places In Worship History (Dan Wilt)  
How To Get Your Church’s Values Into Your Worship Team (Dan Wilt)  
How To Mentor Other Worship Leaders & Musicians (Dan Wilt)  
How To Create A Healthy Balance Between “Structure” And “Free Flow” (Dan Wilt)  
The Elemental Leader (Dan Wilt)