A Complete Video Course For Team Training

From respected worship trainer Dan Wilt (WorshipTraining)

The Essentials In Worship Team Training Video Course

This course is a team training video series designed to equip all your worship leaders (main session, small group, youth), worship musicians, and ministry members in core ideas and skills related to worship. Drawn from over 25 years of worship leading experience, and bringing together wisdom from some of today’s most respected worship leaders, Essentials is the complete training solution for your team.

It’s just one of the many great courses and seminars available with a WorshipTraining All Access Membership. However you can also buy it now as a stand-alone download for just $89.

Train your leaders and team(s) in:

  • Worship Leading (skills, sets, arranging, character)
  • Worship Ministry (9 roles, 4 keys, tools, leadership)
  • Worship Songwriting (toolkits, from idea to song)
  • Worship Values (5 values, why we do this)
  • Worship Theology (big ideas about worship)
  • Worship History (the ways we worship over time)


  • 24 Sessions of Training Content
  • 30+ Video “Discussion Starters” with Dan
  • 6, 50 Page PDF Study Guides
  • Leader’s Guide Sheet (for groups)
  • Added Articles for Team Building


  • New, accessible format for your leaders and teams
  • A complete foundational training series for your team
  • Variety of modules for different team members needs
  • 6 topics broken into 4 week sessions (do one every few months)
  • Short bursts of learning for musician attention spans
  • Rich, passionate values strengthening your ministry
  • Tips and tools from 25 years of worship ministry leading
  • Content tried and tested by over 1000 worship leaders

How It Works:

  1. GATHER your group for an hour (or do it individually)
  2. READ an ebook section (together or privately)
  3. WATCH a brief video from Dan to start discussion
  4. DISCUSS the content

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Build your training on a solid foundation. The Essentials In Worship Course is included as part of an All Access Membership, or you can purchase it separately for immediate download at just $89.