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Welcome to WorshipTraining!

Thank you for becoming a member of Here are a few quick steps to get you started.

1) Log In And Set Up Your Profile.

Log in with your username and password on the right hand of this screen. Next, click Profile on the right and then look to the left to click on Profile and then Edit Profile. You can also upload or change your picture in that same section by clicking Change Picture.

After you’ve finished this step click the Back button in your browser a few times to return to this instruction page.

2) Post A Brief Introduction.

Please take a minute to post a brief Introduction here.

3) Have A Look Around.

Your Membership to gives you access to:

  • All of the Media items in the Media Library
  • All of the Courses (you can track your progress by clicking the blue Enroll button at the top of each course page, as well as assign courses to your team)
  • All of our training Groups

4) Add Other Members From Your Church.

You can add new members from your local church anytime. First, make sure that you are logged in. Then click the link called Manage Church Group from your profile dropdown at the top right of every page on the WorshipTraining Campus.

To add new members simply click on Add Member. You will fill in their email address and the system will send an invitation. If you prefer, you can click the button to get a sign up link which you can then email out to your team. Please note that each user must have a separate email address.

New users will receive an email from WorshipTraining within 5 minutes. That email will help them set up their login password

Please send an email to anyone that you sign up to let them know that you’re adding them. That way they’ll be expecting an email from WorshipTraining and won’t think it is spam.

You can check to see who you’ve already added by coming back to the Manage Church Group page.

Thoughout the site you will see Enroll buttons on each course page. By clicking Enroll, you will be signed up for the course and be able to track your progress. If you simply hover over the button, an additional button will appear where you can then enroll your team.

If you have any questions you can contact us anytime.