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  • hello..I’m Dibora, I’m new here and I don’t know if I am the only Malaysian here.. My state is Sabah, maybe no one ever heard about this little state in Malaysia but we learn a lot from you guys(generally from the west)! By the way, I am very excited that I found this group/forum that I can share a thoughts with..
    I am now 23 y/o and I have been a…[Read more]

    • Hi Dibora. Welcome – I’ve only just joined the site myself. I have been leading worship for about 5 years now, and I would say that it is not essential to say much at all at the beginning of or inbetween songs. So long as the congregation have enough of an introduction to realise which song you’re going into next I don’t think you have to say anything.

    • Sometimes I will add something if we have a dramatic key change or if the musicians are having a difficult time starting the song for whatever reason. I may even take some lyrics of the next song and expound on them.

  • Hey Ladies! I would love to hear everyone’s perspective on how they choose songs for services. Please post. Thanks.

    • Hey Hope, Nell here.

      I choose songs based on a few things:

      – songs that have lyrics relevant to the season we’re in as a church – probably the number one priority for me…I think musically complicated songs can always be simplified to suit the skill level of a band, but a song that is right for a season is always a must!
      – songs suited to the…[Read more]

    • Hi Hope,
      Here are some things I base my selection on:
      1- Message or theme. At church, we follow a certain theme for a month e.g. EVANGELISM. We choose songs that talk about salvation, the cross, etc. to support what our pastor wants to get through in his message. At times he would have a series on a certain topic for his message so he would let…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone! I am so glad that there is a forum here to encourage women worship leaders! I pray that our questions and comments can bring clarity and unity to all who have been given the charge to lead out in whatever capacity the Lord has asked of them. I am serving as worship and creative arts minister in Colorado, and have done so for…[Read more]

  • New to the group. Question? Have any of you taken any of the courses and what did you think about them? I have sang all of my life. I have been trying to lead worship for 3 yrs. Have not been very happy with the resources that I have tried to use in the past. I haven’t been able to get any practical information. I Did my first webanir Wednesday…[Read more]

  • Hi! I’m Michelle, and I just took over Worship Leader duties in my tiny church here on the Canadian prairies. We average 65-75 attendance each Sunday, so we are a mixed worship team, with varying musical abilities. My main issues surround balancing the human side with the spiritual side, trying to perform quality music while not making it about…[Read more]

    • Hi Michelle, I am a Worship Leader in my church, in Virginia. We are about 200 members and growing. I, too, try to make sure that I stay humble, submissive and continuous listening to the Holy Spirit. We are human vessels used for His glory. What I do is to make a lifestyle of praying His Word. On service days, I am listening to whatever He wants…[Read more]

      • Thanks for your post! I am replacing a wonderful worship leader who is so filled with humility, the spirit just flowed through him endlessly. 26 years he’s been there. He can’t read a note of music, he just sings from the heart, often with tears in his eyes.
        Now the ball is in my court, I don’t want to stray from the awesome example he set. The…[Read more]

    • Hi Michelle! I am the Worship Leader in my church, and my husband is on our team. He is our ‘main’ singer, leading from the front, and I lead from the keyboard. It is definitely a challenge to be in a position of authority over your husband, while at the same time being submissive to him. Our biggest problem, or should I say mine, is that he is…[Read more]

  • It was very clear to me when I was being called to lead worship. I had many vivid dreams about it, even before my Pastor asked for my help. My question is, how do you know when it is time to move on? I feel that our worship has been at a stand still. Does this mean that I should “change things up” or does it mean that it is time to step away? I…[Read more]

    • HI Sunny, If you are needing a change try a different style of worship songs. I don’t know if you sing contemporary, traditional or whatever but try mixing it up. I know what you mean…sometimes I get in a
      rutt. We sing the same songs often and I feel ready for something different, so I listen to new bands and try my best to change the style…[Read more]

  • Vicky, I won’t argue with you about which music is blessed. God is good. We have a mixed congregation that leans heavily toward adults and seniors and you never know what people will respond to. I have a senior who hates Amazing Grace because of the lyrics of “a wretch like me.” I have seniors […]

  • Greetings to everyone! First let me say that I believe worship is a condition of the heart. I can worship in any kind of worship music as long as the message is there. Worship music is from the Lord and thus all the different styles as well. Coming from a church that’s about 80% seniors […]

  • Greetings to everyone! First let me say that I believe worship is a condition of the heart. I can worship in any kind of worship music as long as the message is there. Worship music is from the Lord and thus all the different styles as well. Coming from a church that’s about 80% seniors and trying to draw in the younger generation as well, I’d…[Read more]

  • Women and assertiveness — Do most of you wait to be asked to do something or do you go and offer your services? I noted that last Sunday, when our usual music director was gone for vacation, the pastor led the entire service. I sat there “imagining” how I would have led the music and wondering why I wasn’t asked — or, at least, why one of the…[Read more]

    • For years, I took a back seat, learning, waiting and watching. Waiting to be asked. I tried to find contentment in what ever place I found myself in. I decided to bring my happiness wherever I went. I stopped asking why questions. Those are not for us to figure out. Now when finding myself in these situations, I have learned…..It is not about…[Read more]

      • Thanks for the reply, Rachel. It’s good advice…

        I want to do what God wants. Truly. But I’m very discouraged and tired of the battle that is going on in my heart.

        I feel like a puzzle has been laid out before me — and it’s very hard for me to discern which piece goes where. If I didn’t think that God MIGHT want to use me, I’d gladly sit…[Read more]

        • Sunny replied 8 years ago

          Hi Linda, I hope this helps. If you feel God wants to use you, maybe it is time to step forward, but with an attitude of service. Don’t make an issue out of “How come nobody ever asks me?’ Just let it be known that you feel it is time for you to move forward, and that you would like to serve as a worship leader. Yes, there is a time to be silent…[Read more]

          • Thanks, Sunny. I think your approach is a good one. And I HAVE asked — but it seems that I don’t fit the bill…

            I am still on my church’s “Worship Committee” and I will still speak out, give ideas and find gratification in seeing the ideas come to fruition through others. Jesus said that if we do our works for the admiration of people, that…[Read more]

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