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  • For the BEST piano keyboard, go with the Roland RD 700NX stage piano. It’s a spendy board though and the 300NX will do just fine if you need to save a little $$. Good strings and organ but it shines for piano and is a clear winner. If you need pad/strings or play a lot […]

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    Hey all. I’m new 🙂 I play a Kurzweil Mark 10 Ensemble Grand. Been leading worship about 12 years, and still am unfamiliar with all the quirks and effects. Shame on me! Where do you start? I mainly use a piano sound layered with a string, and sometimes switch the tone from brighter to more muted and that’s about it. I have files and files of…[Read more]

  • Yamaha S-80. I have had it for several years. Not much of a tech Guy But wish I were, this thing does a lot more than I use it for, being older I missed a lot of the Tech Stuff. I Mostly use the presets. But have done some simple editing like changing the reverb […]

  • Love the Yamaha DGX-640 Portable Grand! Voice overlay and track recording options are great when lead guitar is absent. Occasionally we have to use the rhythm feature, but nothing takes the place of a skilled drummer.

  • Hello keyboard players. My name is Robin. I’ve been playing for church for only 7 years. God is blessing our team with more musicians each year..for that I am very thankful! I am using the Yamaha ES 90. It is great because I can layer instruments when we don’t have other musicians. We recently added a Roland RD 700. It’s used for back up…[Read more]

  • in our church we use a ROLAND interactve arranger,i relly like the piano and sometimes the dual tone.may GOD use this instrument for HIS GLORY ALONE.

  • We use a Yamaha electonic piano in our parish. It has a few voice (7) selections and excellent true acoustic piano sound. I ‘ve thought about adding some different (though conservative to start with ) sounds into the worship music. Any suggestions for an versatile and reasonably priced keyboard?

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    I will be given an opportunity to lead worship on Sunday morning, July 31. Please pray for me. Even if I am not chosen to lead-up the “worship leaders”, I want to lead our congregation to the Lord in worship. So far, about all we’ve seen done at our church is song directing…

    • I was praying for you that you would lead the congregation right in to the throne room… that you would be transparent and that Jesus and HIS love would capture the hearts of many of those in the congregation! Let us know how it went!!! Blessings!

      • Unfortunately, there was some confusion and the regular song director was actually back from vacation. I had emailed everyone who was going to lead with me and included other church/music leaders. When he opened one of the emails, it led him to believe I simply wanted to know if he would be there. He emailed me that he would & that he would be…[Read more]

  • @jcnowman Thanks for the reply. I guess “overwhelmed” is more what I feel more than anything. I’ve played piano for over 50 years, although I’ve not had a lot of “formal training”… I can read and play music by note and by ear. I have a Roland, which I bought new around 1998 or 1999. I […]

  • It’s easier than you think! Depending upon what model of keyboard you have, will determine where you begin.. Start off using piano/strings combination, and get used to how that feels. Just start playing from your heart, (no music in front of you!) and see where and how the Lord will guide you. Then, if you […]

  • I’m trying to transition from piano to playing a keyboard… (This is about the 3rd attempt…) Does anyone have any ideas to start off? I do okay, but mostly I get overwhelmed at all my “new” instrument is able to do… I’m also not very confident about my ability to hear different sounds…

  • Hi I’m new. I would like to further develop my skills as a Keyboard player. Use a MM6 and a PSR 550. The PSR is for our outdoor park services and Navajo Mission trips where we have no electricity and everything has to run on batteries. Been playing piano off and on since I was a kid but only seriously started to work on studying music over the…[Read more]

  • My piano playing and improvisation skills improved greatly once I had a command of basic chords. I know it sounds elementary, but it amazes me how many musicians are so chained to a piece of music just exactly as it is written. The difference, to me, is sort of like knowing “the living word” as […]

  • Just want to ditto what Dan Pratt said. I am mostly a piano player, but do occasionally play some strings or organ, and the volume pedal is a must have. I use a Roland expression pedal with our Kurzweil PC2X and would now go nuts without it. To follow up on Dan Wilt’s original post […]

  • If you play primarily pads, getting a volume pedal is a worthwhile investment. It will allow you to fade in and out of a song with a much more life-like feel than just taking your fingers off the keys.

  • At church and at home are 2 separate stories: At church we have a Kawai grand on stage as well as a Yamaha MO8 for anything other than piano sounds (pad/organ/rhodes/etc). At home lives the Yamaha Motif ES8 as well as Reason 4.0 and my m-audio 49 controller. Reason via laptop sometimes finds it’s way […]

  • I was using a Yamaha KX8 controller with Logic/MainStage but now I’m on a Roland RD-700NX. I’ll still use my previous set up for sets that require a quick pad/strings etc.. during heavy piano/organ but I am very happy with my new board. The last stage piano I had was a Roland A-90ex. I Loved […]

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