Bread & Butter For Electric Guitarists

Themes: Electric Guitar

Electric Guitarists:
The electric guitar is THE defining musical instrument in most modern worship music. This powerful instrument plays a major role in the overall feel and dynamics of the songs we play every week. With so much power innate in the electric guitar, it can very quickly overwhelm the sound of our worship team if we’re not careful.

Given the vastness of this topic, especially in relation to the role of electric guitar effects, we are only going to deal with them in a general manner in this book. For a deeper look into the world of electric guitar effects, check out “Bread and Butter for Electric Guitar Effects.”

Part of the “Bread and Butter” series, download BREAD AND BUTTER FOR ELECTRIC GUITARISTS to discover the 5 things that every worship electric guitarist needs to know.

The “Bread and Butter” series is designed to lay out those simple yet often missed basic practices and skills needed in every aspect of worship ministry.

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