Quick Study: Worship Leading

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Introduction: A Dangerous Mission (2:22)

View this video to get a feel for what we’ll learn in this Quick Study. Every Sunday morning, a man or woman steps up behind a microphone, straps on their guitar, or gets up in front of the youth – to lead worship. Who are we to lead anyone in worship?

Download this PDF Study Guide and get started.

It is only 50 pages long, has all the reflection questions, and will guide you through these videos. In facts, the Study is about 6 articles long. Download it, print it, or read it on your screen (iPad, Kindle, etc.). If you print it, you can take good notes. (requires an All Access Membership.)

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Do this entire study in just one evening, and leave comments.

The full Study requires an All Access MembershipLeave your comments below on each Quick Study Session, and chime in with others who are learning at the same time. You can also just do the whole kit and kaboodle of 6 complete studies here.

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