Family Prayers For Christmas & New Year

Themes: Advent, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Epiphany, Family, Grace, New Year, Prayer, Worship

Family Prayers For Christmas & New Year: Festive Prayers For The Season provides you with beautiful prayers for your family or group meal times, packed with rich theology and scriptural integrity.

Each reading is photocopy-ready, and rich with powerful themes related to the faith and this season of the year.

Your digital readings feature:

  • Four Family/Group Meal Prayers for Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, Christmas Dinner, and New Year’s Eve.
  • Christmas Carol Lyrics corresponding to each prayer for singing or reading
  • Selected Christmas Story readings from Luke and Matthew for family/group reading

How Can I Use The Family Prayers eResource?

Did you ever wish you had just the right prayers and readings for those special family moments during the Christmas holidays? In the best traditions of praying at meals, during special events and during sacred, holy seasons, Family Prayers brings you words for table (meal) prayers and the powerful worship moments your family celebrates all year. The following collection of family prayers is built around the Christmas holiday season, and is designed to welcome both adults and children of any age into a meaningful reflection on the event. This series of prayers includes:

Hear The Angels Sing: A Christmas Eve Family Prayer

Christmas Morning Is Here: A Christmas Morning Family Prayer

Lord Immanuel, God Is With Us: A Family Table Prayer for The Christmas Meal

With You, We Walk: A Family Table Prayer For New Year’s Eve or Morning

Bonus material also included:

• Lyrics to O Come All Ye Faithful and Joy To The World (for optional use with prayers)

The Christmas Story: Ordered and Selected Readings for The Christmas Story

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “My goal in creating these prayers and readings for you is simple. Out of years of praying with my own family during the very special season of Christmas, which is a part of the Cycle of Light in the Christian Worship Year, I had a felt need to create prayers that “worked” for us through the holidays.” Dan Wilt

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