Lent For The Family: A Simple Guide

Themes: Lent

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Lent for the Family: A Simple Guide

A ready-made guide to lead your family, group, or church in a simple and meaningful practice of Lent.

Contents include:
•    A brief Introduction to Lent: “What Is Lent and Why Should We Practice It?”
•    Ready-for-Print files of guide cards to hand out to your people
•    Ready-for-Web files to post on your website

Card 1 is meant to ease people into the season. It includes directions in discerning a practice, instructions in creating a table centerpiece, and a short daily prayer.

Card 2 consists of an in depth, yet still very simple, prayer and scripture guide to lead us into the Story of God throughout the remainder of the season.

May this resource help you enter faithfully into the death of Christ this season, so that your joy in the resurrection may be complete! – Ryan Flanigan

Download: eBook

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