Quick Study: Worship Leading – Bonus Tools

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Bonus Tool: How To Start A Worship Circle (4:38)

Read about the Tool in the Study Guide. What is a “Worship Circle,” and how can it change the way musicians play together and new worship leaders grow? (Requires an All Access Membership.)

You’re Finished!

Great job. You just covered about 20+ years of worship leading hard knocks learning in just a few hours! It’s a real accomplishment. Now, since you completed this module, you’ll have a feel for how you do these other great studies. Get started on your next one today!

Complete All 6.

  1. Worship Leading (skills, sets, bands, and character) – leaders & teams
  2. Worship Ministry (leadership, 9 roles of the ministry leader, tools) – leaders
  3. Worship Songwriting (from your idea to your song) – songwriters
  4. Worship Values (the 5 values that guide what we do) – leaders & teams
  5. Worship Theology (big ideas about worship) – leaders & teams
  6. Worship History (the many ways we’ve worshipped) – leaders, pastors, & teams

What’s Next?

Download the complete The Complete Essentials In Worship Course with Dan Wilt and use it in small groups or on the big screen to train your leaders.

Also, check out over 80 Whiteboard Worship Training Videos for short practical tips on band arranging, rehearsal, set building and more.

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