Sacred Actions In The Life Of The Worshiping Community

Themes: Biblical, Sacred Actions, Scholar

Throughout the history of the church, worshipers have marked significant occasions in the life of their community by actions which bear witness to their dependence on God and testify to the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the life of their community. The following sections describe many of the most significant of such actions. As you read and study these entries, note how each is a manifestation of an important theological insight; how the history of each action reveals its meaning and significance for the Christian community; and how these insights and meanings continue to shape the practice of these actions today. For when they are performed properly, these actions are not an end in themselves, but rather point to the larger reality of God’s work in Jesus Christ and in the worshiping community.

  1. Ordination And Commissioning
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Anointing Of The Sick
  4. Footwashing
  5. The Solemn Assembly
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