The Daily Examen

Themes: Spiritual Habits, Worship Expressions

Every day, up to eight times a day, I silently perform a 1-3 minute spiritual ritual that is – quite literally – changing me. Now in my early 50s, I have decided it is the single most vital personal habit I have formed to date. According to my wife, I am becoming a different man.

Spiritually igniting, robust yet simple, the habit that is changing me is called the “Daily Examen.”

 – Dan Wilt, M.Min.


Download the ebook on the personal habit that is exciting thousands to “detect and discern” God’s active presence.

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Dan leads you through a 5 minute Daily Examen. Perfect for loading on your smart phone and using in the car, while walking, or any time you need it. (NOTE: The silence is part of the audio, enabling you to click “play” and let it run as you do each step.)

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