How To Transpose Songs Easily With A Band

Themes: Arranging, Nashville Number System, Transposing, Whiteboard Worship Training

Have you ever wished your band could quickly, and easily, transpose songs on the fly? Thousands of bands have learned the trick – the Nashville Number System. In this video, Dan looks at a simple variation on the Nashville Number System, and unveils a fresh way your band can begin to speak to one another during a rehearsal.

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The Nashville Number System PDF Training Tool

This Nashville Number System PDF Tool will help you, and musicians your work with, develop a full, working understanding of how to use the Nashville Number System. Use in tandem with the Video above.

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Change Your Charts Into NNS Format

Want to change your chord charts into NNS numbered format to train your team, or to change ALL your charts? Try using Their site allows you to easily transpose any of your purchased chord charts into NNS or any other key as well.

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