Victim To Victor

Themes: Devotional, Healing

A Personal Devotional Walk Towards Wholeness With Christ 

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Yes, it’s true. I walked out of homosexuality on November 7, 1981. During that period of my life I had never heard of Exodus International or of any other group that espoused the possibility of freedom from same-sex attractions. I felt so alone yet so hopeful at the same time. Still afraid to share with anyone else the things I struggled with yet so hopeful because I had finally found the only One Who I believed understood me and had as His only agenda my healing and restoration. I was used to being used…so to be confronted in a real way by God’s love – and not feeling used and worthless all the time – led me a deep longing and desire to get to know Someone who would love me like that.

Telling the story of how God led me to freedom is honestly one of my favorite things to do. In the telling of that story I am asked many questions by those who hear it.

The most often asked question?
“Was your healing instant or was it a process?”

The answer? “Yes!”

On the evening I began my journey towards wholeness I believe the power of my sin was broken…but I came to realize very quickly that this journey required many frequent stops for healing along the way. The purpose of this collection of writings I call devotions is to encourage you – regardless of your present circumstances or past failures – would come to find your place in that journey towards wholeness and that you would find many places to stop along the way where you find deep healing for the wounds and rejections you have already experiences in this life. As you read and practice what you find here, know this: I will be praying that you would come to the place I have come to…that knowing Christ intimately (and being known by Him) is worth every struggle you have had to face. I am certain that God will meet you in your own journey and will walk every step of the way with you…and that ultimately you will come to the place where so much healing has happened that you will then turn around and lead others through that same journey.

Are you ready? I encourage you to begin each session by asking the Lord to give you insight into your own life. After praying this simple prayer, begin listening to the song that serves as the theme of that session. Then read the devotion and Scripture. Then simply answer the questions and meditate on God’s Word. End your session by once again listening to the song. Take it personally as you listen. It’s all for you.

In His Love & Grace,
Dennis Jernigan

Download: eBook

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