Worship And Pastoral Care

Themes: Biblical, Christian Year, History, Pastors, Scholar, Theology

As the center of the life of the church, the gathering of the community for worship is the foundation of every aspect of the church’s life. The ministry of pastoral care is rooted in common worship, for genuine sensitivity to mutual needs naturally develops as Christians hear God’s Word, celebrate in the sacraments, and join in common prayer. Further, worship itself is an important opportunity for ministering to the needs of hurting people. The acts of naming an affliction, of turning a sorrow into a prayer, and of proclaiming the hope that Christians have in Christ all minister to the those who suffer. This section affirms that in worship, Christians rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn, ministering to each other in Jesus’ name.

  1. A Liturgy For The Long-term Seriously Ill
  2. A Liturgy For The Families And The Community Of The Terminally Ill
  3. A Liturgy For A Person Suffering From Addiction Or From Substance Abuse
  4. A Liturgy For A Victim Of Crime Or Oppression
  5. A Prayer For The Healing Of Memories
  6. A Liturgy For Survivors Of Abuse
  7. A Litany Of Thanksgiving For Work
  8. A Liturgy For Retirement From Work And Redirection In Vocation
  9. Worship And Pastoral Care: A Charismatic Approach
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