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    Hello, is it ok if i join this group? I am just so blessed and encouraged reading your post. I am a worship leader for almost two decades but since transferring to a church which doesn’t allow women leaders, I felt so constrained. As for now, while I am still in this church (4 years already), I am still digesting what God is teaching me and waiting on where He would finally lead me. Although I recognize the wisdom of having men led, I also felt deprive in a way of not being able to exercise much of my gifts. But as I have said, I am still trying to understand much why this is so. I’m Betsy Zalsos, from the Philippines just 3-4 hours plane flight towards the east from Singapore.

    • I know exactly how you feel; I, too, am at a church where women are not allowed to lead worship; I’ve been at this church for 5 years now, and I know that God called me there to leade Women’s Ministry. However, I’m also part of the worship team, and know that I’ll never be called upon to lead in that are as long as I am there. There are also contraints put upon me as the leader of Women’s Ministry – I sometimes feel as though I’ll not be allowed or be able to fulfill God’s full purpose for my life while I’m there. However, I am learning so much and gaining so much experience during the trials and struggles this presents. Look for other places to be able to lead worship – offer yourself up to other churches or organizations that plan and put on women’s retreats or events. Just this past weekend, I was asked to lead worship at a local Emmaus Walk in the summer – it’s times like this that I know God is preparing me and will be faithful to fulfill that which He has planned for me to do. Trust Him – there’s something really important He’s wanting you to learn through this experience.

    • Hi Libby & Betsy. I grew up in a church in the South that didn’t allow women in ministry. It was so very difficult because I had been feeling a call to worship ministry since I was a little girl. I didn’t know what to call it then…now I do. After stumbling into worship leading through a Christ-centered woman’s small group I began sharing some original music and (very long story short) today I find myself leading worship in the United Methodist Church. This denomination has often been on the cutting edge of change in the church and world and is very open to women serving in ministry. Here I hold the position of Worship Arts Director. It’s been a long haul and I am grateful for this opportunity but I must admit I long for more. My experience has been that in the churches where I was limited in ministry there seemed to be a greater passion for God among the people and that was expressed in their worship. In this setting where I am free to serve I find it difficult at times to understand how to lean worship standing before a congregation who is reluctant to be vulnerable and surrender to God in worship. God knows the challenges we need at the time in order to help us continue to grow so I choose to worship God as if He alone is in the room. My name is Wally and I serve in Western Pennsylvania. Thanks for allowing me to join the conversation!

      • Hi Wally, I feel so blessed reading your posts. I shall be glad to read more. Thank you.

        • We all really need one another, don’t we? Isolation is a dangerous place. I’m happy to be part of this conversation. Thanks, Betsy!

    • Betsy…I guess I am just too radical, but I would find it very difficult to sit on my hands for that long. I suppossed I am more blessed than I realized. I am the worship leader at my church…didn’t really come with any qualifications other than I wanted to worship and I can carry a tune. We have and are still going through our own struggles, but being a woman is not one of them. Hang in there girl…I think?

      • That was heartwarming Peggy. Thanks much. Yes, I’m hanging on… for awhile. I know, God has something for me at the end.