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    Hi my name is Emily-I am new to this site. I’m from a great church in CT-Calvary Life Family Worship Center- and I just became the worship director here. It has been my home church for about 7 years (of which I’ve been the assistant to the worship director) and I am currently 25. I would love some feedback from some seasoned women of God.
    Our church was victim to a roof collapse this winter and was completely devasted. We are now a mobile church (during the rebuild) so this also caused us to lose some members who didn’t want to weather the change, including some on the worship team. So I’m working with a smaller team-but a great team- and different venues….just to give a little background. I’d appreciate any wisdom…. 🙂 thanks!

    • I don’t know about whether I’m “seasoned” or not, but I’ve been involved in church music (on a volunteer basis) for a long, long time! I look forward to getting to know you!

    • Linda-nice to meet you! Thanks for getting back to me.
      We really have a great team but I wish I could get a little more commitment from people to practice, and go over their music at home. I also don’t want to overwhelm the members on the team because (like you,) we are all volunteer and they are used to the previous leader, who didn’t require much at all. They are used to zero structure and we can’t function that way any longer. So I know I have to give a them a little room during this transition but I also want them to understand the responsibility we have and that that is also fun, exciting, and a privledge.
      Where are you located? What has your role been in worship teams?