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    Hey Ladies! I would love to hear everyone’s perspective on how they choose songs for services. Please post. Thanks.

    • Hey Hope, Nell here.

      I choose songs based on a few things:

      – songs that have lyrics relevant to the season we’re in as a church – probably the number one priority for me…I think musically complicated songs can always be simplified to suit the skill level of a band, but a song that is right for a season is always a must!
      – songs suited to the skill level of the band that week
      – i like to have a carry-over song, i look at the previous week’s setlist and look at which ones really seemed to engage the congregation.
      – to make it onto our song list (pool of songs) the musical style needs to be culturally relevant if you catch me?
      – sometimes i pick songs that will flow together well and try to consider how the team would handle the transitions.
      – sometimes our pastors will request a song if they really have it on their heart.

      hope this is helpful. it’s hard when the team has developing / limited skills…but there are lots of awesome, four-chord wonders out there too that help in those weeks!

      bless you heaps, love Nell x

    • Hi Hope,
      Here are some things I base my selection on:
      1- Message or theme. At church, we follow a certain theme for a month e.g. EVANGELISM. We choose songs that talk about salvation, the cross, etc. to support what our pastor wants to get through in his message. At times he would have a series on a certain topic for his message so he would let us know so we can choose our songs towards the same topic.
      2-Feel. There are certain songs that have the same feel and can be linked so you don’t have to end one and start the next, kind of working a medley. In that way, you can easily build it up or keep momentum going.

      You may have to keep in mind your team’s skill level too but with available resources and a little bit more rehearsal time, I guess that can be worked out. For me, these are the basics. Helps me, hope it does you.

      God bless, Lory