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    Women and assertiveness — Do most of you wait to be asked to do something or do you go and offer your services? I noted that last Sunday, when our usual music director was gone for vacation, the pastor led the entire service. I sat there “imagining” how I would have led the music and wondering why I wasn’t asked — or, at least, why one of the other people who have been “tapped” to lead worship in a new service weren’t asked to lead.

    In a case like this, what would some of you do?

    • For years, I took a back seat, learning, waiting and watching. Waiting to be asked. I tried to find contentment in what ever place I found myself in. I decided to bring my happiness wherever I went. I stopped asking why questions. Those are not for us to figure out. Now when finding myself in these situations, I have learned…..It is not about me and the other person but it is always about Me and God. What is He trying to teach me? In this case…I would serve my pastor, happily.

      • Thanks for the reply, Rachel. It’s good advice…

        I want to do what God wants. Truly. But I’m very discouraged and tired of the battle that is going on in my heart.

        I feel like a puzzle has been laid out before me — and it’s very hard for me to discern which piece goes where. If I didn’t think that God MIGHT want to use me, I’d gladly sit in that “back seat”.

        • Hi Linda, I hope this helps. If you feel God wants to use you, maybe it is time to step forward, but with an attitude of service. Don’t make an issue out of “How come nobody ever asks me?’ Just let it be known that you feel it is time for you to move forward, and that you would like to serve as a worship leader. Yes, there is a time to be silent and wait, but there is also a time to step out in faith, especially if God is urging you to do so.

          • Thanks, Sunny. I think your approach is a good one. And I HAVE asked — but it seems that I don’t fit the bill…

            I am still on my church’s “Worship Committee” and I will still speak out, give ideas and find gratification in seeing the ideas come to fruition through others. Jesus said that if we do our works for the admiration of people, that admiration would be our reward. I am trying hard to only “worry” about pleasing Him.