• It was very clear to me when I was being called to lead worship. I had many vivid dreams about it, even before my Pastor asked for my help. My question is, how do you know when it is time to move on? I feel that our worship has been at a stand still. Does this mean that I should “change things up” or does it mean that it is time to step away? I…[Read more]

    • HI Sunny, If you are needing a change try a different style of worship songs. I don’t know if you sing contemporary, traditional or whatever but try mixing it up. I know what you mean…sometimes I get in a
      rutt. We sing the same songs often and I feel ready for something different, so I listen to new bands and try my best to change the style…[Read more]

  • Sunny posted a new activity comment 8 years ago

    Hi Linda, I hope this helps. If you feel God wants to use you, maybe it is time to step forward, but with an attitude of service. Don’t make an issue out of “How come nobody ever asks me?’ Just let it be known that you feel it is time for you to move forward, and that you would like to serve as a worship leader. Yes, there is a time to be silent…[Read more]

    • Thanks, Sunny. I think your approach is a good one. And I HAVE asked — but it seems that I don’t fit the bill…

      I am still on my church’s “Worship Committee” and I will still speak out, give ideas and find gratification in seeing the ideas come to fruition through others. Jesus said that if we do our works for the admiration of people, that…[Read more]