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    It was very clear to me when I was being called to lead worship. I had many vivid dreams about it, even before my Pastor asked for my help. My question is, how do you know when it is time to move on? I feel that our worship has been at a stand still. Does this mean that I should “change things up” or does it mean that it is time to step away? I have been fostering the next generation of worship leaders in our church, but they are pretty young still (14, 15 yrs old). It just feels like it’s time for…..something. Change? Rebirth? Enhancement? Your prayers are very welcome and appreciated! Thanks group.

    • HI Sunny, If you are needing a change try a different style of worship songs. I don’t know if you sing contemporary, traditional or whatever but try mixing it up. I know what you mean…sometimes I get in a
      rutt. We sing the same songs often and I feel ready for something different, so I listen to new bands and try my best to change the style of the songs we do..even hymns; then we add a few new songs to the mix. My favorite arranger right now is Travis Cottrell. He is the worship leader for Beth Moore Conventions. I will be praying for you and your praise team. God has a plan for your church, seek HIM! 🙂