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    Hi! I’m Michelle, and I just took over Worship Leader duties in my tiny church here on the Canadian prairies. We average 65-75 attendance each Sunday, so we are a mixed worship team, with varying musical abilities. My main issues surround balancing the human side with the spiritual side, trying to perform quality music while not making it about the performance but about the Worship, and ultimately about God.
    I have a question for you ladies, do any of you have to ‘lead’ your husband? We have a rock solid marriage, but trying to set a tempo can become a very stressful time!

    • Hi Michelle, I am a Worship Leader in my church, in Virginia. We are about 200 members and growing. I, too, try to make sure that I stay humble, submissive and continuous listening to the Holy Spirit. We are human vessels used for His glory. What I do is to make a lifestyle of praying His Word. On service days, I am listening to whatever He wants me to say or not say to encourage His people. It usually will manifest in a ‘flow’ song during worship. I try not to look at the faces of those in the congregation. In the past this has started a ‘fleshy’ reaction in me, to try and make them feel what I feel, or hear what I believe God is saying at the time. Try reading Isaiah 61 for encouragament.

      In regards to your question of ‘leading’ your husband, are you asking from a spiritual perspective or is he involved in the Music Ministry with you?


      • Thanks for your post! I am replacing a wonderful worship leader who is so filled with humility, the spirit just flowed through him endlessly. 26 years he’s been there. He can’t read a note of music, he just sings from the heart, often with tears in his eyes.
        Now the ball is in my court, I don’t want to stray from the awesome example he set. The music should be as beautiful as we can make it, but it’s not the main goal, listening to the spirit is.
        Worship Leader magazine talks about this this month.
        And my husband in the worship team. I’m a vocalist, he’s a guitarist. I’m a trained, experienced musician. He’s a self-taught strummer. We have a strong Christian marriage, his faith is the core of our family’s walk. It’s a challenge, though, when he disagrees with me. Ever heard the one, “never hang wallpaper with your spouse”? We are going to practice more at home, hopefully that will help.
        Regards and blessings,

    • Hi Michelle! I am the Worship Leader in my church, and my husband is on our team. He is our ‘main’ singer, leading from the front, and I lead from the keyboard. It is definitely a challenge to be in a position of authority over your husband, while at the same time being submissive to him. Our biggest problem, or should I say mine, is that he is such a cut-up and doesn’t always ‘behave’ when I’m trying to be serious! Other than that, we love leading together!