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  • lol! Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for all you do at WT!

  • Thank you Dan. God just recently placed it on my heart to mentor someone. She is very excited about our venture together. I desperately need this to guide me through the process.

  • I feel the same way every week. I have a fear that others are judging me or I’m not the style of worship leader they want me to be. I am learning that I have to be myself. I’m also learning how to find my style of worship. That’s who God made me to be […]

  • There’s so much n this video I think I need to watch it several times. Two things that really jumped out at me were 1: ” Keep pumping the well”even when you don’t feel there’s nothing of much worth coming out. 2: “Turn off the editor” until it is time for the editing process. Great […]

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    I believe God works differently in everyone. But mostly through our experiences and revelation of God’s word. “Crafting” is just a term used to describe the activity of bringing formation to something. Yes I believe crafting a song can be inspired by God. Yes, the creative process progresses from an idea to the finished product, […]

  • Thanks for the great ideas on how to blend and fit into a worship band.

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    Matt mentioned songs can become a little wordy. That’s what I struggle with. My songs seem to be very wordy…something I feel this can be hard for congregation to catch on to. I search through the word to find something that hasn’t been written in a song yet and I keep falling back on the […]

  • Great song. The melody is very easy to sing. I’m still humming it now.

  • Yes, It is very low in volume. Its coming in through right speaker…I just turned it up. This is really good. Many singers don’t realize they need to open their mouth. Great instruction on vowels, tone quality and vocal placement. I love what she said about Angelina Jolie lips!

  • After hearing this I feel like I need to study the word more diligently! It is true that people leaving church singing a song that they remember from the service not singing the message. The call is clear. Keep writing biblical songs and they will touch the heart of the worshipper.

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    Wow! This is great! My voice teacher never told me about the larynx drop. I will use this in my voice studio. I would love to have more videos of Sheri’s teaching. Thank you!

  • Thank you Dave, I am daily seeking God for His inspiration. God bless you for your words of encouragement.

  • All of mankind are seeking the truth of who God really is. I believe in helping others understand that God is real and that He cares for us. We must clearly know the truth before we can lead others in worship. God my Father, Jesus God’s son, Healer, Baptizer and soon coming King.

  • The worship artisan…may we leave a legacy of awesome worship….Fully alive as worshipers of God. We are the leaders of rich biblical tradition in worship. We need to be spiritually formed and able to make scripture come to life; while preparing ourselves in our musical skills. We are worship leaders who remember things of the […]

  • I’m ready to learn!

  • Thank you Lisa. I appreciate your encouragement. I haven’t joined a class in a while. I am looking forward to taking a singwriting class this summer. God bless!

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    HI Sunny, If you are needing a change try a different style of worship songs. I don’t know if you sing contemporary, traditional or whatever but try mixing it up. I know what you mean…sometimes I get in a
    rutt. We sing the same songs often and I feel ready for something different, so I listen to new bands and try my best to change the style…[Read more]

  • Hello keyboard players. My name is Robin. I’ve been playing for church for only 7 years. God is blessing our team with more musicians each year..for that I am very thankful! I am using the Yamaha ES 90. It is great because I can layer instruments when we don’t have other musicians. We recently added a Roland RD 700. It’s used for back up…[Read more]

  • Yes, I am finding that being gracious to those who show up late to practice or “forget” about it, is very difficult. God is changing me daily. Sometimes I think the team should have as much passion for music ministry as I do…but they have other things in the their lives that keep them from […]

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    I really like this! It’s very calming… I can see us using this in our church services. Great melody.

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