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    I subscribe to a few online devotionals and todays reading from “Inward/Outward” was specifically meaningful to me at this particular season of my life. It spoke of faithfulness as a fully consecrated intentional act. Kind of like “the same old, same old…” but done with surrender and sacrifice, contentment and commitment no matter how insignificant the duty.

    It’s being at peace with circumstances that are out of your control and in His control. It’s giving preference to His will rather than your will. It’s choosing to serve rather than be served. It’s living fully alive in His presence one day at a time. It’s being near sighted rather than far sighted… focusing on the gift of the day and not overwhelmed by the anxieties, stresses or demands you might see in the future.

    Faithfulness is an attitude, a choice, a covenant act made before the Sovereign Lord and achieved only through his strength, grace and help.

    Here’s the devotional:

    Slow and Steady

    Evelyn Underhill

    Faithfulness is consecration in overalls. It is the steady acceptance and performance of the common duty and immediate task without any reference to personal preferences–because it is there to be done, and so is a manifestation of the Will of God…. The fruits of the Spirit get less and less showy as we go on. Faithfulness means continuing quietly with the job we have been given, in the situation where we have been placed; not yielding to the restless desire for change. It means tending the lamp quietly for God without wondering how much longer it has got to go on. Steady, unsensational driving, taking good care of the car. A lot of the road to heaven has to be taken at 30 miles per hour.

    Source: The Fruits of the Spirit