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    I am always humbled by the lavish amount of grace extended to me by my Heavenly Father when I repeat the same mistakes over and over again. You would think that I could move beyond some things and get on to the next “step”… whatever that might be. However, it is apparent that there is more to learn and a deeper understanding to be had before that can happen and so, here I am again… back at the drawing board, back on the spinning table and He patiently waits for me, encouraging me, all the while loving me, till I mature and am able to go forward.

    He sees in me something worth waiting for. He sees gifts that need to be drawn out, formed and used for his glory. He is not impatient that it is taking me so long to figure things out. He is the author of time and it is not a limitation for him and neither should it be for me. There just are things I need to do better and there is spiritual formation that needs to happen and the Potter knows when to stop the wheel from spinning and when the vessel is ready to be used for it’s created purpose.
    I must trust the Potter’s skill.