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    I had an opportunity in the last few days while I was attending my uncles funeral, to speak with greater intention into the lives of some of my family members. Sitting around, relaxing, processing, grieving, at two different times, God seemed to make a way for me to share some parts of my spiritual journey that were significant to them and hopefully, in the long run, encouraging and inspiring.
    Our discussion of God did not end up as neatly packaged answers that fit the status quo. We struggled to just make sense of the “big questions”. And in this struggle of not quite understanding it all, we gave each other the space, and the grace to continue to process in our own ways, taking away from each other the gift of their own story.
    I realized again how my story involves so many folk that do not even live near me – my family for one, and other relatives and then friends who have made an impact in my life. But my story goes on with its base in this small town, the interaction of people in my neighbourhood, my church, my community. And from this base, the whole world can be reached if that is part of God’s writing of the script.
    Interesting to watch it slowly unfold before my eyes.
    “Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, the things that God has prepared for them”.