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    In the last day I have been particularly processing my “story” – the part I am to play in the bigger and vast narrative of the universe. I question my role, my part and in all honesty am quite confused as to how it will all unfold. However, I know it’s written with my personality, my giftings, my abilities in mind. The author after all, is my Creator. He designed me with this particular package of emotion and thought – so I guess it only makes sense to trust Him. Still…why me?

    Yet, my heart longs to serve Him so I will engage my story and attempt to do it well.

    With utmost vulnerability, I lay down my rights for justice and pick up the cross which I have been called to carry. I am well aware I cannot leave His presence and He cannot leave me – together we carry this. And in the moments when I cannot see Him there beside me, I will close my eyes and attempt the way without sight, relying on His voice to lead me step by step.

    With all the compassion of Christ and the wisdom to live it, I move forward.

    • Graeme, you are too kind…. bless you friend, and your dear Debbie. Thinking and praying for all to go so well in the next few weeks.