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    Last night I was reminded again of how we as women particularly, hide away our pain and suffer, most often in silence. We often place our needs at the bottom of the list, checking off those priority duties that call us to nurture, care and provide for those we most closely live with. We are used to sacrificing. We are used to expending our last bit of energy to benefit others. And so when heartaches come and inevitable wounding occurs, we pull back, retreat, and struggle through our own thoughts of worthlessness and pain.

    The vulnerability in showing our scars, telling our stories, and trusting someone again, even requires courage. But it is in these sacred moments of pain and gut wrenching honesty about our reality, that hope, healing and grace enter in and like ointment to a wound, the process of making things healthy begins anew. And we are not the same individual we were at the beginning. God has re-formed us. We may even be called to some new work or ministry. Often the pain is the catalyst to launch us into something we never thought possible.

    We must not isolate ourselves in our own pain and suffering. God has designed us to need each others encouragement and support all along the journey.