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    I’ve been processing the passing away of my mother, just three weeks ago and find my thoughts have been swirling with recollections of fond memories spent with her. I am trying hard to remember them and experience them again as I fear the memories may be forgotten over time.

    My mother is gone from us but her legacy and imprint on the lives of her family will be felt forever and lived out in our lives in many different ways. We will see glimpses of her in our thinking, our loving and our caring. We will hold on to the best of her character and overlook her brokenness. We will rest now knowing she too is at rest and free from suffering. We will go on step by step, still looking for her in front leading us, with her wise and discerning counsel but she won’t be there. The journey is now ours to lead. We have been well trained and well mentored.

    Her footprints are huge to fill.

    • Hello Robyn! I’m new here and thought I’d look around a bit.

      Your post touched me as I’ve experienced a lot of loss in my life — and the Lord has been with me and encouraged me greatly during those times.

      At any rate, I know that grief is hard work. I will be praying for you!


      • Dear Linda,
        Your timing and thoughtful words have blessed me. Your compassion and empathy towards me, someone you do not know, is heartfelt.
        Thank you friend.


        • I’ve been where you are…. and I believe Christ uses our trials to help one another…

          I can’t tell your age from your picture, but I’m wondering if you were living at home when she passed… and if she had been ill. I’d love to hear more about her and your relationship if you’d like to share.