Worship Readings For Lent | Easter | Pentecost

Course: Worship Readings For Special Days

Imagine having beautifully written, corporate worship readings and prayers specifically designed to work in contemporary worship settings. Now, imagine that they are photocopy-ready, and rich with powerful themes related to the faith and the season of the year you are in.

Worship Readings And Prayers, Volume 2: The Cycle Of Life (Lent | Good Friday | Easter Vigil | Easter | Pentecost) provides you with poetic and prosaic readings packed with rich theology and scriptural integrity. Thousands of worship leaders use these readings yearly – join in.

Your digital download features:

  • Powerful prayers, readings and responsive readings
  • Guide To The Easter Vigil Alleluia Format
  • Multiple readings for the Easter Season
  • What Is Pentecost All About? Sheet

Sample Reading:

Celebrant: The coming of the Spirit marks the birth of God’s Church.
Community: We are filled, renewed and empowered by the Breath of God at work in us.
Celebrant: The coming of the Spirit means that the Presence of God indwells us.
Community: We are transformed, healed and born anew by the Life of God moving within us.
Celebrant: The coming of the Spirit is revealed in a Church changing society with divine strength.
Community: We are equipped, instructed, and led to action by the Mission of God that has taken a hold of us.
Celebrant: We recognize, Lord, that without Your Spirit we have no strength to bring lasting change.
Community: To ourselves or to this world…

These readings for the Cycle of Life season enable your worshiping community, through responsive prayers, readings and other means to engage with powerful theological themes related to the Lenten season of reflection and repentance, the Holy Week experience of Good Friday, the celebration of the Easter Vigil, entrance into the high holidays that are the Easter Season, and the welcoming of the Spirit at Pentecost.

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