The WorshipTraining Quick Start Guide

We’re often asked, “There are so many media choices available here, where do we start?” Powered by WorshipTraining’s 4000+ online courses and media, you (and your entire worship ministry) can now be engaged in an equipping experience that will lift your worship life and that of your church.

STEP 1: Select Your Premium Membership Level

The All Access Pass is your ticket to a unique online learning experience offering a wealth of rich training resources for worship leaders and teams. Both individual and church plans are available.

STEP 2: Select The Training Style That Works Best For You

Want a simple core curriculum that’s delivered directly to your inbox?

The WorshipTraining Program offers a steady schedule that runs with minimal outside planning and the convenience of email delivery, yet it can be easily supplemented with additional resources to compliment your specific needs.

Would you prefer a more informal path to training?

The freestyle approach allows for no limitations on curriculum choices or order and the only schedules to maintain are the ones you personally create.

Looking for a full, more structured program to follow?

The WorshipTraining Advanced Study PDF provides a written plan of selected courses and concentrations plus recommended minimum completion times that are clearly defined to help keep training focused and on a schedule.

Want a simple core curriculum that’s delivered directly to your inbox?

The WorshipTraining Quick Study Program is your answer.

The Quick Study Program is based on the Essentials In Worship Course with Dan Wilt. This Essentials Course is comprised of six modules which are highlighted individually on a monthly rotating basis. You and your team can get started with the Quick Study Program in just 4 easy steps:

1. Get Signed Up For The WorshipTraining Emails – They ARE The WorshipTraining Program

Be certain all team members are signed up and registered for an account at WorshipTraining. This will put them on the email list. The EMAILS ARE THE KEY to what we are highlighting for your training each week. If you’re not receiving the emails, be sure they’re not landing in your Spam folder. If so, add to your address book.

2. Do The Monthly Recommended “Quick Study” In Worship

On the first Monday of each month, a different Quick Study module is recommended via email for your team. Encourage your team members to join the study on their own or forward them the email link directly.

To begin the Quick Study, members simply download the eBook (PDF) Study Guide and start to watch the videos at their own pace. Or, set up live group sessions for your entire team to gather around a big screen for the videos and great follow up discussions! Continue until everyone has completed each of the 6 Quick Studies.

– Download the Quick Study Weekly CheckPoint Schedule (PDF)
– Download the Leader Guide Sheet (PDF)
– Download the Full Course eBook (PDF – 254 pages)

3. Surf The Courses Tab For More Bundles Of Awesome To Customize Your Program

Hundreds of practical skills videos are waiting to be discovered through the Courses Page. The Whiteboard Worship Training Series is a great place to start. Visit the homepage regularly to see what is new and follow the links to fresh content in the weekly emails. We’re constantly adding new resources.

4. Get Creative

Churches run entire seminars and retreats for their teams based on content from WorshipTraining. Go for it! Your Premium Membership is ready to serve your local training needs and help support you in your calling.

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Would you prefer a more informal path to training?

The Freestyle Approach is your solution.

1. Pick A Course, Any Course

Click the “See All” link from the Courses drop-down menu above. Choose the Course tha’s right for you and/or your group of leaders. (The Whiteboard Worship Training Courses are especially good, and also offer an easy, place to start.)

2. Tell Everyone To Start Watching

Send your team the link to the Course so they can start watching all the videos at their own pace, or download it all and show it on the big screen in a group setting.

3. Talk About It

Send your team an email link to the course, and a question like “What impacted you the most from this study?” Discuss the course at a team gathering after you’ve completed it, or make a few sessions out of it as you work your way through or even a Retreat! Then, let the banter begin!

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Looking for a full, more structured program to follow?

Introducing a turn-key PDF program for you and every member of your worship ministry.

The WorshipTraining Advanced Study PDF provides you or your church with a Personal WorshipTraining Plan that fits your needs. This 2-4 year Plan works for worship leaders, musicians, techs, as well as pastors/leaders and worshippers.

Working with the Church Plan, this PDF Booklet features:

  • A “Personal WorshipTraining Plan” template, photocopy-ready
  • An overview of how the Advanced Study PDF works
  • Details on how to present the WorshipTraining Program to worship ministry members
  • Descriptions of the topics that will be covered in the Program


Download The WorshipTraining Advanced Study PDF Booklet here.

Download single Advanced Study Program Completion Forms here:

(Register for the Individual Or Church Plan to get started.)

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