Our Media Library is a happy playground of resource materials, freely contributed, for your development, training and use. In order to honor the spirit of the friends who allow their media to be posted here, we simply ask the following: Using our Media means that you have read these terms, and agree to them.

Media Library

Much of the media in our Media Library has been graciously contributed to us by friends throughout the years. In return, we have told them that we will guide our Members to their books, music and websites. I.e. We highly encourage you to google their names, find their websites and get in touch with their resources and products. The amount of riches in our Media Library is tremendous – make sure you continue to access the fresh content going up regularly.

(NOTE: Downloading On-Demand Media is for PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY. If you are on a free trial, we ask you to refrain from downloading Wholesale China Jerseys until you’re a premium member. Thanks!)

When we use content for this Media Library, we ask our friends to contribute it to our learning gratis (free of charge). In other words, they are kindly letting us use their media (or media we created with them) for training and encouraging you. In the spirit of that gift, we ask the following:

1. If you are an Individual Member, you may download and use Media for your PERSONAL USE ONLY.
2. If you are a Church Member, you may download and use Media for your CHURCH USE ONLY.
3. If you are a University Worship Training Library Member, you may download and use Media in your COURSES ONLY.

Media may only be used in LIVE TRAINING settings. In other words, it may NOT be embedded on websites, homepages, blogs, YouTube, etc., or passed around beyond the above without our permission. If you want to use a piece of media Cheap china Jerseys in a wider application, you must contact us, and we will tell you where to ask permission for that particular piece.


In following the above terms of use, we honor people, and our relationship with our friends. We reserve the right, hockey jerseys as Administrators of WorshipTraining.com, to remove any piece of media that we feel does not fit these guidelines. Thanks for understanding, and using these resources in good faith, with honor and integrity.

The WorshipTraining.com Team

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