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How Can WorshipTraining Serve My Church?

You carry a responsibility; we serve you with the tools to fulfill it.

All worship leaders carry a sense of responsibility to train their team in the how, what and why of worship ministry leadership in a congregation. WorshipTraining was designed by worship leaders, for worship leaders specifically to save you time, energy and resources  while also providing vital, world class training to your team. For less than the cost of sending one person to one conference this year, your entire team gets trained. No one gets left behind.

We Train Your Worship Team At Your Direction.

Under your creative direction, we do the work online and via download.

We take the grunt work out of worship training by providing it for your team, and making you the designer. You have the heart to train your worship team in everything from attitudes to theology we provide a Study Plan (see below), and you guide the process for your team. Your worship team(s) will grow in heart values, ministry skills, and musical skills and you can spend less time looking for training content and more time focusing on your worship set for Sunday morning.

Plan Training Events In Minutes Not Hours.

Over 100 media-powered Courses, Seminars, and Retreats are at your fingertips.

Need a quick resource for a live training course, retreat, or training night? Access training content, as well as many of today’s most helpful worship training DVDs, with a click – it’s all online. Our All Access Pass lets you download media files and discussion questions right onto your computer. Our training material is designed to be ready and easy to use, for creating your own events. You’ll never be at a loss for a live event training resource again.

Use Curriculum, or let us do the work online.

You can design and lead training yourself, or your team members can join Quick Study Courses that will keep them growing weekly while everyone keeps leading worship.

Courses Page Screenshot

We think like worship leaders. You and your team can take the same Course in your choice of many formats. You choose what works best for you:

  • As an Online or Downloadable Worship Retreat
  • As an Online or Downloadable Media Training Course
  • As a Downloadable eBook Curriculum
  • As part of a 2 – 4 Year Training Plan
  • As Individual Sessions (personal enrichment).

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Major Publishers + Training DVDs Now Online.

Today’s most effective training DVDs are now available for your team.

Our expansive Media Library houses thousands of videos, audios, eBooks and articles. You’ll discover high quality DVDs from worship leaders like Brian Doerksen, Jacob Moon, N. T. Wright, Tim Hughes and many others. Additionally, well known producers such as Integrity, Vineyard Music, Word and more provide training media to assist in your calling. With WorshipTraining, answers for almost any worship related situation are only a click away.

Elective Course Formats

Online Classrooms and Global Connection.

You and your team can download curriculum, or learn online together.

Over 100 Courses can be run live in your local church, studied online with your own team, or simply done privately at each person’s own pace.

Our foundation and world respected Essentials In Worship Course led by Dan Wilt is offered in a monthly Quick Study format, allowing you to learn alongside and connect with worship peers around the world.

Groups Screenshot

The World’s Largest Worship Media Archive.

Our Online Media Library brings over 100 trainers right into your church.

With hundreds of trainers on video, audio and in articles, we offer you training tools on a wide array of worship topics. Our contemporary emphasis, with deep roots in the ancient worship story of the church, guide the content we provide.

You’ll find resources from worship leaders, songwriters, academics, artists, musicians and more. Over 4000+ media items (and growing) are just a click away. Your team members can freely access all our Media for personal growth via our All Access Pass.

Media Library Screenshot

Media In High Res, Low Res, Print, and Audio Formats.

Want To Project On A Big Screen? Put Audio On Your Mobile Phone?

Yes, we thought of that, too. When you access a Media item, you may want to project it on a big screen, view it on your laptop, or download audio for your mobile device, iPod or iPhone. We provide media in multiple formats for various applications. Are you noticing that we’ve worked hard to think of almost everything? That’s because we’re training our teams, too, and want it to be amazing!

Media Detail Screenshot

Tutorials In Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums and More.

Your Youth Drummer Is Learning To Play With Lincoln Brewster.

In CCLI’s survey of thousands of local churches, the cry for practical musical skills training rose above them all. Now, you and your musicians can take tutorial lessons online.

With Integrity’s Worship Tools, Jacob Moon’s Guitar series, and many other professional resources, your musicians can sharpen their skills with our Tutorials section. Our Tutorials collection is growing monthly, so if there is no tutorial for a particular instrument, you may want to check back in the next month. Or, request it, and we’ll see what we can do.

Tutorials Screenshot

Train Your Musicians At Home or Together.

Our Tutorials get your musicians practicing with current songs.

Our Tutorials are designed for personal development at home, and many are based on well-known worship songs. These are perfect for private online lessons, or for another teacher to build musical training around.

With our All Access Pass your band can learn the parts of songs from Kathryn Scott, Vicky Beeching, Kari Jobe, Lincoln Brewster, Brian Doerksen and many others. You could even build a youth musician training Course out of the Tutorials, or use our Advanced Study Plan to guide a young musician along.

Tutorials Detail

A Multi-Year Training Plan For Your Ministry.

We Hand You A Plan You Just Plug and Play.

We put a turn-key, pre-designed, 2-4 year curriculum for training all members of your worship ministry into your hands and theirs The WorshipTraining Advanced Study Plan. Your team will begin to think about their attitudes, their own spiritual formation, worship values, and discipleship. Plus, they’ll learn how to serve each other and the congregation, how to serve their worship leaders and pastors, how to be difficult to offend, and much more.

Multi-Year Training Plan

Team members simply follow along, and do various courses spread out over the year as they have time. Courses about worship leading, values, songwriting, the nature of God, worship holidays, spiritual formation, discipleship and more provide a grounded foundation for your worship teams. Then, team members choose from a wide variety of elective courses to dig into specific, practical topics related to worship. Pick and choose, simply implement our Advanced Study Plan, or use it as a template to design your own program.

You and your church get a complete Worship Training Program for every member of your ministry for less than the cost of sending one person to one conference with the All Access Pass.

Webinars and Groups.

Your team will interact with thousands of peers internationally.

Webinars offered throughout the year build you, and many are recorded for our Media Library.

Learn about worship with thousands of worship leaders and teams from around the world. Network with others who share your passion. Ask questions. Give input. Share ideas. Discover songs. Several of our groups even have professional musicians and techs in them your bass player may be taking some rhythm counsel from a pro bass player with a servant’s heart.

Groups Screenshot.

Want to train your entire church in worship?

You Can. Use Courses and Media to train your entire church in worship.

While our primary focus is on worship leaders and their teams, we recognize that many pastors want to make worship a priority in their teaching but they’re not sure where to begin.

We take away the guess work, and give you what you need to get started right away. Using select Media materials that catch your eye at WorshipTraining, you can get your entire church growing in worship. Courses in What Is Worship,Worship Values, A Worshipper’s Character and other important topics work for your entire congregation. Much of our Media can also be used as a worship teaching series, or as sermon teaching vignettes from respected voices. Whatever the case, the All Access Pass for churches allows unlimited people from your local church to grow as worshippers.

Train Your Whole Church In Worship.

Hear What Others Have To Say.

Some of today’s most vital worship voices are fans of WorshipTraining.

We’ve been working for many years to develop this resource many leading worship trainers see the goldmine, and are both cheering us on and joining in.

WorshipTraining is an amazing gift for this season in history for all those called to worship. I love Dan and his team’s approach drawing from ancient and life-giving wells of devotion to inspire the modern worship leader and songwriter.
Brian Doerksen (Come, Now Is The Time To Worship)

It’s exciting to see! WorshipTraining is a fantastic and fresh way to train, resource, encourage and inspire worship leaders, songwriters and creatives all over the world. Definitely worth getting involved in.
Tim Hughes (Here I Am To Worship)

WorshipTraining Friends

There is a global call to worship development that is happening here and I want to encourage you to join with this community. I’m going to make a sound in it, so let’s join hands as worshipers and leaders across the globe.
Rita Springer (Songwriter and Worship Leader)

This is an imaginative and thoughtful enterprise, led by one of our most committed and wide-thinking worship trainers. Definitely worth participating.
Dr. Jeremy Begbie (Duke University, Theology And The Arts)

WorshipTraining is both deep and wide, connecting musicians with the past, present and future. I wholeheartedly endorse their important work and encourage you to check them out.
Paul Baloche (Open The Eyes Of My Heart)

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You have our guarantee the All Access Pass will bring a world of worship training right into your church.

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