Purpose & Values

What you agree to in signing up.

You are joining the world’s most powerful, encouraging worship and arts development network existing today. We are all the better for your participation. We simply ask, that as you join in, you care for the following values in your interactions on this site.

Our purpose.

WorshipTraining exists to serve the international, interdenominational 21st century Christian community as a Worship and Arts Training, Resourcing and Development media training site. Because we serve so many expressions of the Body of Christ, we ask that conversations and social sharing focus on encouragement, inspiration, and mutual respect in language and tone.

Our values.

Our training site values are as follows. Our moderators reserve the right to take something down that seems out of accord with these basic values and guidelines.

+ Benevolent, kind spirited, and mutually encouraging discussion
+ Shared resources and a spirit of hospitality
+ Unity amidst our wide diversity across streams of the Church
+ Focused interaction on worship, the arts, creativity, formation and theology
+ Generosity within all of our friendships and communications
+ Respect for the privacy, calling and background of others.

Caring for our community.

As we care for this learning community, the Administrators of WorshipTraining reserve the right to remove any Groups or Individuals who interact out of accord with these values. Enjoy the new spiritual friendship, and worship encouragement, that is here for you.

Thanks, Peace and we’re here to serve,

The WorshipTraining Team